The Horasis China Meeting held in the city of Cascais Portugal and was hosted by the Government of Portugal with the Prime Minister hosting the closing formalities. Dr Noel Akpata,CEO Stratex Pro was a distinguished speaker at the meeting. Stratex Pro thanks the Mayor of Cascais and the Government of Portugal for its warmth and care

Horasis convened the 2015 Horasis China Meeting on 22-23 October in Cascais, Portugal, co-hosted by the Portugese Government, the City of Cascais and the China Federation of Industrial Economics. The meeting gathered 300 senior decision makers from business and government from around the globe to share insights on the current state of the Chinese economy and identify innovative approaches to economic development.

Portugal is expected to grow strongly over the next couple of years,’ Rui Machete, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Portugal, said in his welcome speech. ‘And we hope that more Chinese enterprises venture to Portugal and more Portuguese enterprises come to China,’ he added. Xiong Meng, Executive Vice Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China, said that China is currently undergoing considerable change – ‘we will push for more economic reforms in the months ahead.’ He also mentioned that new silk roads will connect Asia and Europe with roads, railways and ocean shipping routes.

António Mexia, Chief Executive Officer, EDP, Portugal, illustrated how Portugal can become a hub for Chinese investments. ‘The partnership between EDP – Portugal’s largest company – and its shareholder China Three Gorges (CTG) is a good example of a successful partnership,’ he said. ‘There is little chance that China’s market woes will directly affect the global financial system,’ explained Liu Ruiqi, Chairman, Heng Yuan Xiang Group, China. ‘China needs to change its reliance on foreign demand, and should focus on domestic demand,’ Zhang Zhigang, President, China National Aviation Fuel Group, China, suggested. ‘Innovation is most essential to upgrading the Chinese economy and improving its performance,’ William Haseltine, Chairman, ACCESS Health International, USA, concluded.

David Cameron (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) would host the 2016 Inaugural Horasis Global Meeting in Liverpool and Nigeria’s Stratex Pro led by Dr Noel Akpata was selected in Portugal to host a high level side meeting on Nigeria tagged “GLOBAL NIGERIA” in collaboration with the Nigerian Economic Council led by Vice President Yemi Osibanjo and the top 50 business leaders from Nigeria. Global Nigeria would hold in Liverpool as an official side meeting of the Horasis Global Meeting.

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