Dr Noel Akpata, NITX founder and CEO Stratex Pro, represented Nigeria and Africa at the 10th Global China Business Meeting,Lake Como Italy,Oct 13-14th 2014. The meeting was hosted by the Governments of Italy and China. The meeting is restricted for over 300ca Chairmen/CEO’s of the worlds leading firms/brands. Dr Akpata chaired the high level panel on Entrepreneurship with the Managing Director of Pirelli,Italy as co chair. Dr Akpata also spoke/participated in the closing plenary alongside 3 fortune 500 level Chairmen/CEO’s. Dr Noel Akpata and Dr Frank Richter( Chairman,Horasis) would write and publish an official post event debrief for the Government of Nigeria and several other third world countries on key economic transformation issues.

Dr Noel Akpata,Founder/CEO,Stratex Pro and Onajite Okoloko,Co founder Oando Plc and GMD,Notore Chemical Industries Limited to represent Nigeria and Africa at the 10th Global China Business Meeting. Chairmen/CEO’s of the top performing firms across the globe would engage in impactful sessions.

Dr Noel Akpata would chair the high level panel on entrepreneurship while Mr Onajite Okoloko would co chair the high level closing plenary as well as the globalization panel.

The 2014 Global China Business Meeting set out to highlight China’s economic future against a background of profound global challenges. China is making an important contribution to the world economy – it has been a source of dynamism in a weak and hesitant global recovery.

Speaking on behalf of the host region, Roberto Maroni, President, Lombardy Region, Italy, welcomed participants to both start and continue dialogues to further build on existing links between Lombardy and China. In his welcoming speech, Li Yizhong, Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China, said that the Chinese government will push for more economic reforms in the months ahead. He expressed his hope that ‘the discussions at the Global China Business Meeting provide insights on the best practices in managing Chinese corporations.’ José Luís Guterres, Senior Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Timor Leste, indicated in his keynote speech that ‘bilateral relations between China and Timor Leste have been developing in a comprehensive and steady manner, with the two nations conducting exchange and cooperation effectively in various fields.

As Chinese Business Leaders of the Year were awared: Ding Lieming, Chairman, Betta Pharmaceuticals Co; Wang Wenbiao, Chairman, Elion Group; and Chen Desong, Chairman, China New Century Holding. We recognized and honoured those business leaders as the excel in entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.

Xu Heyi, Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China, commented that ‘China’s economy is expected to grow at about 7.5 percent in 2014 with inflation kept below 3 percent. ‘Positive effects from Alibaba’s IPO are being felt in China,’ said Raffaele Jerusalmi, Chief Executive Officer, Borsa Italiana, Italy. According to Yang Rui, Anchor, CCTV News, China, the ‘whole world is wondering what China’s economic rise can bring about.’ ‘Chinese firms have to crack the local-to-global code in terms of worldwide brand name dominance and market share,’ said Pedro Nueno, President, CEIBS, China.

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