The 2013 Horasis Global China Business Meeting, Hague, Netherlands

Dr Noel Akpata NITX founder and CEO Stratex Pro chaired the China-Africa Forum on building closer economic ties at the Global China Business Meeting hosted by the Government of the Netherlands and the Government of China at the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel, the Hague, Netherlands.

The 2013 Horasis Global China Business Meeting took place in The Hague, The Netherlands,10-11 November 2013. With the support of the City of The Hague, The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion and the China Federation of Industrial Economics, this Horasis meeting on China provided a platform to discuss the critical factors behind China’s rise to global eminence. Chinese and international entrepreneurs discussed the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead to achieve China’s next step of economic development.

At the outset of the meeting, participants elaborated on the Third Plenary Session of China’s Communist Party’s Central Committee which took place at the same time as the Global China Business Meeting. Chinese government leaders concluded that liberalization will serve as a new engine for economic growth. Liu Haiyan, Executive Vice Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China, said that ‘China is confident of achieving its economic targets and will strengthen its cooperation with the international community to ensure global economic growth.’ S.A. Blok, Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector, The Netherlands, emphasized the importance of the economic relations between China and The Netherlands. At the packed opening plenary, Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, The Netherlands, told participants that ‘China’s development is an opportunity for the world.’

The Chinese economy advanced at a faster pace in recent months,’ Xu Heyi, Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China, opined, allaying fears that China was headed for a downturn. According to Jia Yanlin, Chairman, Baosteel Metal, China, ‘China won’t overthrow the existing world order – but it will become a part of it.’ ‘The rise of China does not have to trigger a tweaking power transition,’ added Xia Hua, President, Eve Group, China. Yan Xiaoyan, President, Bank of Beijing, China, said ‘we shall seek harmony but not uniformity.’ ‘And we shall reflect on the state of globalization and China’s contribution to globalization,’ added Huang Nubo, Chairman, Zhongkun Investment Group, China.

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